Using your Knowledge Network to Build Client Intimacy

Learn how to leverage your knowledge network to gain key insights and intelligence on your target agencies

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On Wednesday June 3, join us for a one-hour webinar dedicated to using your knowledge network to build client intimacy. 

What do we mean when we say client intimacy? It refers to when a contractor has access to people who deeply understand the context of the mission, the challenges the agency faces and who can provide insight into the solution to more easily develop the right win themes. Building client intimacy has always been important, but it is especially so in the current procurement environment. Competition is fiercer than it has ever been and the movement to best in class or agency-specific vehicles have accelerated the time a business has to respond to a task order. In today’s competitive environment a strong knowledge network that can produce client intimacy is critical to winning!

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Why client intimacy is important from both the contractor, and the agency perspective
What type of information and knowledge about agencies is most important and how it affects proposals
How human intelligence can help get the insights you need to build client intimacy



Ed Schultz

Ed has over 33 years of federal service in a variety of federal acquisition related positions with three different federal agencies (Air Force, NASA, and HHS), including the last 25 years of his federal career with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Todd worked with for Accenture for 27 years where he was a part of the team that first built up Accenture's work with the defense industry, he ran the Air Force Account for years, was  the technology lead for the defense industry portfolio.

Todd Cameron

Rob Polster

Rob is the author of The Roadmap Out of Proposal Hell, a step-by-step guide to turning a company into a government contract winning powerhouse. He coaches companies to implement this process to accelerate success and improve their capture strategies and processes.