How will I be connected to the client?

Check this article to see how OnFrontiers will connect you with the client for a consultation.

The first interaction with an OnFrontiers customer must happen through our platform.

Our platform allows connecting from a web interface on your computer or mobile phone, or by calling our secure conference line.

An OnFrontiers team member may instruct you on how to safely interact with our customers outside of our platform on a case-to-case basis.

How the call logistics work

  1. The client will not call you. Join the call through the Zoom-powered consultation link shared with you over email.

You may also call the local dial-in number (if available) in the calendar invite sent to your email.

If you encounter connection issues during the call, the client may call your mobile phone directly. The caller might be presented as "Restricted" or "Unknown", but you will be expected to answer the phone in order to continue the call.

  1. Remember: OnFrontiers consultations are confidential. So you should not discuss any previous OnFrontiers calls, or even mention other OnFrontiers clients with whom you have consulted in the past.  Read more about our legal framework here:
  2. Get ready to join 10 minutes before the call. Move to a quiet place with good reception and internet connectivity. Review the client’s questions to understand what the client wants to learn from you.

For optimal and seamless call quality, we recommend that you use wired headphones while you are on the call.

  1. After the consultation, Becky from our finance team will email you to ask for payment details.

Lastly, please note that we record all calls for quality assurance purposes, as it helps us to secure and protect an expert's rightful compensation for the time they invest. Having a recording in place lets us cross-check the conversations on instances where a client feels that they have not received the required value and information from an expert call.