How does the OnFrontiers Expert Vetting Process work?

How OnFrontiers finds, screens, and assures quality matches to clients faster than any other expert sources

OnFrontiers primes on getting experts matched by our clients in less than 48h, which means agility and accuracy go hand in hand with our expert delivery process. This article will present to you generally how the expert vetting process works and why it is one of the secrets to keeping our average client satisfaction with engagements above 87%.

In short, the OnFrontiers vetting process has 3 components:

  • Fulfillment Manager Proactive Screening

Our fulfillment team absorbs the project scope and starts to proactively look for potential targets in our proprietary database - composed of over 50 thousand experts - and extended networks, such as open expert sources and referral networks.

  1. Fulfillment Manager Review of the Expert's Application to the Opportunity

Within a couple of hours of contacting potential targets directly or through our referral networks, OnFrontiers starts receiving expert applications to the opportunity.

Once a potential expert match is identified, the Fulfillment Manager will 'deliver' the expert profile to the client, which means, marking the expert as 'Verified' on the project page. That action ensures that the expert has a:

  • Relevant background to the opportunity, usually coming from nuances provided on the application process that are not visible on their public profile;
  • Full job history and a short biography on their OnFrotiers profile;
  • A concise note about why they are a particularly great match to the opportunity, either provided by the expert himself, the Fulfillment Manager, or Both (see example below);
  • Enough proficiency in English to hold a productive call.

  1. Client-driven feedback

The final step of the vetting process comes depends on client interaction. Since there is no cost to review and mark expert profiles as 'Matches', like the example above, clients can take advantage of our matching process to request additional vetting questions. Our Fulfillment Managers will contact the experts to clarify those vetting aspects, sometimes even calling them, to make sure experts are worth getting on a call.