How do I book an Expert?

After you have signed up to become a member of our platform, you can use our open search engine to look for experts according to your need and connect with them directly. 

On each Expert profile, you will be able to see their information, work experiences, and credit rate. You can book a consultation with them directly by clicking on the ‘Request Call’ tab just beneath the expert’s name. Note your preferred call duration and put in at least 3 of your suggested call times. Once you click on the ‘Submit Request’ button, the expert will receive your consultation request and select among the call times you suggested. You will receive a confirmation once they confirm the time, or, if they are not available in any of those, they will suggest a different time to connect with you. 

Clients are assigned a Customer Success Manager with OnFrontiers who is the key contact for making requests and answering any questions along the way.