How can I get expert help if I don't have a full project scope yet?

Check here how OnFrontiers can help you to get guidance if you are still in the early days of the project cycle

If you are looking for general advice but don't have a full project scope yet, don't worry! OnFrontiers can still help you get started and build the project scope on the fly.

1. Request a custom expert from the OnFrontiers Marketplace

Start by sending the OnFrontiers team a general idea of what you are looking for.

                                   Request a Marketplace Expert

Our Fulfillment Managers are trained to help you and your team take the right expert. In less than 2h, your request will have a defined scope, ready for invitations in our marketplace. 


IMPORTANT: Try to share as many references as you submit the request

The fulfillment manager will research your references and cross that information with strategies we use to make experts interested in consulting for you. If you forget to submit any details, don’t worry about it. Our team will follow up over email giving you a second opportunity to supplement the information provided during the submission process.


From this point on, the fulfillment team will reach back to you over email whenever we have identified an expert for you. The first experts will typically come in in less than 18h.