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OnFrontiers can help you access experts and consultants to support your work around the world and build your Knowledge Network to create a more agile and resilient expertise system for your distributed teams.

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OnFrontiers is an agile expertise platform which provides direct connections with key subject matter experts and technical specialists on any federal agency or sector within 48 hours.

Federal contractors use the OnFrontiers platform to capture and deliver on exciting projects and opportunities across the federal landscape, as well as to manage and grow their global consultant networks.

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Insights and validation of  win themes, key personnel, and value proposition

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 SMEs with capture management insights and customer intimacy

  Request an expert on any topic, in any 

government agency or sector

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  Connect for a confidential consultation or interview

  Move on to the next topic or deepen your engagement

  • What types of DOD contracts require services similar to what our organization provides?
  • Who are the best partners and subcontractors we should be considering as a part of this opportunity and can you facilitate introductions to those companies?
  • What is the agency’s objective for a particular Case Management program? Who are the key stakeholders, and what should our message be to them?
  • What are the major operational gaps in Enterprise IT systems for the Navy that we should be seeking to address?

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Confidential calls with key subject matter experts with localized expertise

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Of VIP advisors to help position and capture new business opportunities

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What is OnFrontiers?

Fast access to unbiased subject matter experts who help you capture and deliver on exciting projects and opportunities across the federal landscape

Real questions answered in hours by OnFrontiers experts:

Build your organizations' Knowledge Network:

A Knowledge Network is a managed community of contributors who support a business on-demand to meet it's evolving needs. Your knowledge network can include in-house talent, company affiliates or advisors, and other known consultants or partners.


Quickly identify who can support your needs or answer your questions


Begin working with contributors pre-vetted by your organization


Grow and organize your network strategically with custom tools


Keep expert relationships and networks in tact despite shifting personnel

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