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Mark was really helpful in positioning us to better pursue the task orders on the vehicle we had just won. He jumped right in to help us understand where our gaps were and how we needed to significantly increase our bench strength in order to be competitive when RFTOPs come out.

David gave us a lot of insight and recommendations of specific contract vehicles we should explore as we are beginning to go after DOD opportunities. He also gave us advice on the specific expertise and resources we will need to put in place as we move forward.



Monica - Capture Manager (Client)

Matt  - IDIQ Capture Manager (Client)

Market Intelligence
Whether performing a federal market assessment, aligning your capabilities across the federal landscape and sectors, or determining your go-to-market strategy for target agencies
When can I engage an expert?
Sector and Agency Focus
Connect with experts for perspectives on which agencies, offices, and missions align with your capabilities
Account Plan and Pipeline
Obtain expert validation of your agency account plan, including upcoming opportunities, decision makers, and influencers.
Proposal Support- Mission Intimacy
Leverage OnFrontiers experts to confirm value proposition, convey customer and mission intimacy, price to win, key personnel, and other critical attributes throughout yhe proposal production process
Capture Management
Obtain unbiased insights and perspectives throughout your capture process, including competitive position assessment, discriminator confirmation, win theme validation, and maximizing your position to win

Mark Johnson | Washington DC, USA

Expert in Federal Business Transformation

Mark Johnson is a seasoned entrepreneur who leverages his 30 years of commercial and federal business experience to help small businesses achieve success. Mr. Johnson and his Partners have advised dozens of small businesses on market trends, business strategy and achieving revenue growth. He is currently supporting WOSB, VOSB, SDVOSB, Hub Zone and 8(a) certified clients in the Federal market place.

Expert in Strategic Initiatives

David Hamon | Washington DC, USA

David Hamon is an expertin International Security Policy Futures. He is a strategic partner with global public-private business clients in the alignment of business goals, policies/practices with international security policy and challenges. His experience ranges from transformational research strategies to delivering consultative expertise on evolving global issues & trends to the DoD, State, UN, and other government organizations

Enterprise IT Solutions Project

DOD Market Exploration

Team Building & Project Implementation
Connect with experts for an unbiased perspective on your technical approach to validate your strategy.
Experts can make a difference at all stages of the business opportunity life-cycle to maximize pWin!

Rule of Law and Judicial Reform

Richard Langan | New York, USA

Expert in International Rule of Law

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International, Foreign and Comparative Law. He regularly advises the U.N. and U.S. Department of State in democracy and rule of law, transitional justice, courts and judicial reform, access to justice, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, legislative process, public administration, security sector reform, human rights, ethnic-minorities, media freedoms, and legal education

Richard’s recent work on justice reform issues was really helpful to us as we first began our capture efforts. On a 45 minute call he was able to quickly orient us on the key issues and reform actors, which allowed us to move forward efficiently with our capture planning and ultimately win the proposal.


Jason - Proposal Lead (Client)

Key Personnel

Experts can be showcased as a part of your extended team, or highlighted as specific key personnel

Make better decisions
Get varied perspectives before deciding on a single capture plan

Save time and cost
Access hard-to-reach insights that would be otherwise costly or time consuming to obtain

Master agency intimacy
Ground-truth your understanding with advice from government and industry insiders

Validate your approach
Improve your win themes and differentiators with input from unbiased experts

Targeted Expertise

Unparalleled expertise across the federal market

Rapid Turnaround

Get tailored subject matter experts in 48-hours

High Quality

Average over 25+ years of experience

 Expert Insights for Strategic Growth in the Federal Market

Fast access to unbiased subject matter experts who help you capture and deliver on exciting projects and opportunities across the federal landscape.

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OnFrontiers puts you in direct contact with experts matching your requirements within 48 hours on any topic, in any agency or sector.

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