Using your Knowledge Network to Win Federal Contracts

Learn how to leverage your knowledge network strategically to impact all the drivers of p-Win

About The Webinar

If you break down the drivers of the probability of winning (i.e. pWin); customer, competitor, capabilities, cost/value – they each require an incredible amount of human intelligence and expertise to win. A contractor’s knowledge network — the collection of relationships it can activate on-demand to supply these inputs – is vital to both selecting the right opportunities to pursue and to building a favored position on those captures.

In this webinar, we will break down the different drivers of pWin and how knowledge networks support each of these items. We’ll hear stories for our panelists about how their knowledge network has been important in achieving growth goals for the companies where they’ve worked and have helped them to win more federal contracts.

Key Learnings:

Customer - how to develop client intimacy 
Competitors - how evaluate the strength of your network and whether your team is well placed for an opportunity
Capabilities - how experts "beyond the usual suspects" can help develop innovative solutions to please your clients 
Cost/ Value - how cost and budgeting experts can help make sure your proposal is priced to win





Mark is the Managing Partner of Catapult Growth Partners which provides business development services for small and disadvantaged businesses to help accelerate revenue growth

Mark Johnson

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Previous feedback about OnFrontiers Knowledge Networks

Setting up our network has helped us to retain key experts and relationships regardless of staff turnover and maintain a cohesive capture strategy.
The ability to analyze  our Knowledge Network helps us to recognize very quickly which opportunities we're well-placed to pursue and where the gaps are to increase our pWin.
Having our network in place already meant we were able to move quickly to respond to an unexpected RFTOP and even win the award, despite being understaffed at the time.


Troy Wray

Troy is a Principal at Washington Business Dynamics, a veteran-owned management consulting firm specializing in acquisition, finance, and strategy and serving multiple federal agencies.

Brian Caouette

Brian is Co-founder and CEO of OnFrontiers, helping build knowledge networks for distributed businesses and federal contractors seeking to become more agile and competitive.  

- IDIQ Capture Manager
- Director of Federal Capture
- Proposal Lead

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