Using your Knowledge Network for Competitive Intelligence

Learn how to leverage your knowledge network to gain key insights on how you compare to your competitors

About The Webinar

On Wednesday, July 1st, OnFrontiers hosted the latest in our webinar series about how to use your knowledge network to win more government contracts. 

In this webinar, our panelists discussed the ways in which you can gather competitive intelligence that will improve your proposal scores and increase your chances of winning opportunities.

Competition for federal contracts is fierce and it’s not always clear why the winners keep winning. Why do the incumbents succeed so often? What (or who) is it that they know that is tipping the balance in their favor? 

In this 60 minute webinar, our guests highlight the specific things that can help you successfully position your company against competitive bidders and give you the inside track to winning more government contracts. 

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How to use online tools to learn about your competition
How your knowledge network can help fill the knowledge gaps

Specific examples of how expertise has been able to help win bids

The kind of intelligence that makes a difference between winning and being an also-ran 

Nicole Tripodi

Said Salah

Said is a government pricing strategist with over 25 years of progressive experience in the Federal Government contracting and pricing field. He’s an expert in contracts management, competitive cost modelling, financial analysis, price-to-win (PTW) and price-to-execute (PTE) analysis, competitive analysis, and creative pricing strategies.


Nicole has over a decade of experience winning multi-million dollar awards and established win rates exceeding industry standards. Nicole has coached over 50 small business executives to winning over $300 million in federal contracts by using competitor intelligence to gain an advantage over competing firms.